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Development Strategy for the Canada

 by  Chief Editor Mr. F. Jiang   2016.01.06

 As oil prices and mineral prices are low leveled, the Canadian dollar is at a low exchange rate level to US dollar, Canada's economic growth will be still slow. Canada are accepting 25,000 refugees, population aging, social security welfare spending increased year by year, government spending will continue to increase. Now, all level governments (except Alberta) have a great amount of debt, how to respond? I had written many development strategies for the governments last year and had many feedbacks and approvals.
 Now I have strategies for the governments in Canada:

1. Investment

 (1). Relying on universities, develop high-tech companies
 (2). Develop intercity high-speed railway
 For example: Toronto - Hamilton, Montreal - Quebec, Edmonton - Calgary intercity high-speed railway
 (3). Develop refugee resettlement area plus supporting services, training and teaching refugee, late they will move to different communities adapt to live, study and work in Canada. This area will be converted to retirement - senior housing- service area; optimize service, efficient use of resources to provide social services for refugees and the future of senior services.
 (4). Develop tourism resources, attract overseas tourists
 (5). Develop education system, attract overseas students

2. Development of overseas markets

 (1). All levels of government support local export companies to export to the Europe, China and India.
 (2). New immigrants to trade with their countries

3 Governments support local companies

 Governments support local companies which develop education and tourism resources, attract overseas students and tourists.

4 Government involved in “One Belt and One Road”

 Government involved in “One Belt and One Road” attracting investment funds in collaboration with Canada's speculative projects to promote economic development.
 There may be areas of cooperation:
 (1) Petroleum, mining, agriculture.
 (2) Intercity high-speed railway.
 (3) Technology Innovation Venture Capital.
 (4) The refugee resettlement area, later converted to retirement - senior housing area.
 (5) Develop tourism resources, attract overseas tourists.
 (6) Develop education system, attract overseas students.

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