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Developing Strategies for the City of Calgary,Alberta

 by  Chief Editor Mr.F. Jiang   2015.2.26

    The City of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is the third largest city in the Canada. The population is more than 1.1 million, and the city is shifting its economic base from energy to energy, agriculture, tourism and high technology. There are University of Calgary, Calgary School Board and other schools which can provide high quality education. There are Calgary Hospital service group which is the one of the largest hospital group in Alberta can provide high quality health services. There are many tourist attractions in and around the city, including Glenbow Museum, National Music Centre, Aero Space Museum, Banff National Park, and golf courses. These will attract tourists visiting, and families, international students residing in Calgary.

1 Now, the City of Calgary Government is concerning for the following:

    (1) In one to three years, oil price may be in the low-middle level. (There are many of oil producers: OPEC, US, Russia, Canada, and other oil producers).
    (2) Unemployment will be high and there will be a downturn in the housing sector if the oil price stays in the lower level.
    (3) ) With an increasing aging population, social welfare and medical expenses will continue to increase.
    (4) City Government has to raise Tax to cover their expanse. The living cost is high.

2 My Strategies for the City of Calgary Government

    (1). Support energy industry competition in the low-middle oil price market.
    - Talk with oil-gas companies and workers; reduce hour salary with no big job cutting.
    - Increase venture capital fund to the oil-gas and oil-gas chemical industry(shares of new enterprises).
    (2). Increase venture capital fund to support research and innovation(shares of new enterprises):
    - Bio-health (Diagnostic kit, Antibiotics, Vaccines, Elderly nutrition, Exercise…). (I can help)
    - IT, mobile and internet service.
    - Environment Protection.
    (3). Increase investment in the tourism Industry (I can help)
    - Increase motel sites in tourist area (for summer tourists –Canada, US, China).
    - Build a private Antique-Art Centre in three years and attract tourists from US, China, UK and Canada (for summer and winter tourists).
    (4). Increase investment in the senior centre (I can help)
    - If the private Antique-Art Centre is succeed, I will co-operate with City and School Board to build a senior service centre which can attract senior families to settle around, give the seniors both a better life and worry-free finances. If this model is successful, it will benefit for the health and pension system in Canada and developed countries to reduce the pressure of increasing senior population.

    Together, with other strategies from the City of Calgary government, Calgary will balance budget, shift economic base and have a great future.

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